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Duck Eggs

Variety of duck eggs in a carton

Duck eggs are big, beautiful and beneficial.

Our free range ducks enjoy a large private pond and about an acre of pasture and conifer forest in which to forage. In addition to the plants and bugs they find on their own, they are fed fresh greens from the greenhouse daily. We have 3 breeds of duck: pekin, muscovy and Indian runner. Each breed produces a different style of egg but they are all delicious. Duck eggs are typically larger than chicken eggs (our largest eggs weigh about 90g) and have a much larger and richer yolk. Often the raw yokes can be picked up with a fork!

Muscovy ducks

Because ducks lay one egg per day and only sit on them after accumulating up to 20 eggs, they have an excellent shelf life. Even without refrigeration, fresh duck eggs are good for up to 6 weeks (*once the eggs are washed, they should be kept refrigerated).

Duck egg nutrition facts (compared to chicken eggs):

  • More Omega 3 fatty acids
  • More A, B and D vitamins
  • More protein
Indian runner and muscovy ducks
Indian runner and muscovy ducks

Our duck eggs are collected daily and sold as fresh as possible. We welcome you to come visit the ducks and pick up a dozen eggs for $8.