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In the beginning, the property was little more than grass pasture and a small section of old conifer forest. Over time we will be adding and enhancing habitat for insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. The effects of this enhancement are tracked by monitoring the biodiversity on the property through an ongoing survey. Our guests are invited to submit sightings for any species identified on the property.


Mammals Birds Reptiles/Amphibians Invertebrates
Rabbit Junco Pacific chorus frog Banana slug
Mouse Chickadee Western long toed salamander Dragon fly
Rat Heron Yellow jacket
Raccoon Raven Western thatch ants
Little Brown bat Northern Flicker Red backed jumping spider
Shrew Mallard ducks Mud wasp
Stellers jay Paper wasp
Great horned owl
Anna hummingbird
Piliated woodpecker
Bald eagle
Red tail Hawk
Bufflehead duck
Red finch
Yellow crowned warbler
Brown creeper
Ruby crowned kinglet
Red headed woodpecker
Ring Necked Phesant
Trumpeter swan
Canadian geese