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About Us

The Karmix Creare Team with the property in the background
Scott, Shaidah and Pinot

The name Karmix Creare has been an evolution. Karmix is derived from a combination of their last names (oh, how original!) and Creare is the latin word for to create. Karmix Creare embodies the team approach with which they tackle all projects and their love for the creation of relationships, experiences and food.

Our story begins in Richmond, BC in 2016 with the creation of Karmix Apiaries. Born from a desire for better yield in their urban garden, Scott and Shaidah both became certified keepers of honeybees and life was changed forever. The experience of learning about bees, building all the hive equipment from scratch and providing pure, raw honey to friends and family set them on the path to create a new lifestyle for themselves. As the bee operation grew, so did their desire for more space for bees and gardens and opportunities to connect with the community and enjoy locally produced foods..

In 2021 they made the move to their dream property in French Creek, BC. In addition to the honeybees, they threw themselves into larger-scale gardening, duck husbandry and fruit production with great enthusiasm. It’s still early days but there are big plans for this new property and lifestyle and LOTS of work to create their vision.

Stay tuned for exciting developments!